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Taking Job Hunting Seriously: Instructions

Having had the privilege to go through the recruitment process as a recruiter several times and also having been sharing jobs and other opportunities for some time now, I have noticed a number of mistakes job seekers and applicants tend to over look. I will be sharing these in a series of blog posts in coming weeks.

First mistake and perhaps the first filter in the recruitment process is actually the job advert itself. Most job seekers overlook and do not pay attention to instructions but instead rush to express their interest or apply for the job without giving much thought to the instructions given.

On social media platforms more especially, you will get job seekers commenting with their mobile numbers with a simple “I’m interested” next to it?

It is sad and shocking to see this. Simply reading the full job advert is not enough, you have to understand the job advert and the instructions contained in it as well.

What other shocking mistakes at this stage have you noticed that you’d like to share? Comment here so we may all benefit and learn from these silly but costly mistakes…